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Guideline public co

Guideline Company Research

BVS Advisory LLC and BARR CPA LLC has the necessary resources and access to databases to provide you with data that you will help you to determine if there are guideline companies that should be considered in the application of the Market Approach. We can locate the possible guideline companies, perform research and analysis on the financial information for these companies, and provide you with the necessary documentation to meet the record-keeping requirements of the business valuation standards of the leading professional valuation organizations.

BVF Advisory LLC and  BARR CPA LLC, we have the expertise to perform public and private company searches in an efficient manner that will permit you to feel confident that you have located the necessary data critical to your analysis. We can provide you with all of the backup necessary for you to complete your assignment.


Let our Research help you:

  • Identify comparable guideline public companies
  • Identify comparable merger and acquisition transactions