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Economic report sliced


What type of searches do we do?

  • Guideline company searches for business appraisers
  • Buyer's and Seller's lists for business intermediaries
  • Background research on companies and their executives and boards for management consultants
  • Comparable merger and acquisition transactions for financial analysts

BVF Advisory LLC Research's industry reports are accurate, relevant, and customized for you.

After a discussion with you about the exact industry you are interested in, we consult dozens of
databases, local libraries, and trade associations for pertinent industry trends, forecasts and
other relevant economic, social, technological and regulatory issues. Once we gather the relevant
industry data we synthesize it and prepare a well-written report.

Thorough industry research also involves searching the Internet. We go beyond just plugging a few words
into a search engine like Google because we know how to extract industry data
hidden in the web quickly and efficiently.